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Laurie Weinsoft Handspinning
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Beginning Spinning: I Really Want to Spin Straw into Gold
My Project: The Beginning, Middle and End
Spinning2: Building on What You Know
Laurie Weinsoft Handspinning Classes
Contact me to reserve your spot in any of the classes listed here.

All 6-hour classes are $75 plus cost of materials. All 3-hour classes are $45 plus cost of materials. Contact me for information about classes listed here that are also available at local shows.  

I accept cash, checks, PayPal and credit cards (using Square) as valid forms of payment.

If you have any questions regarding these classes or would like more information, please contact me:
Starting your first big project from animal to sweater can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. This is your chance to do it all with help and support. We will start with a fresh raw fleece. Prepare to wash the fleece, using both worsted and woolen techniques. While our fleece washes, we will work with washed wool, preparing and carding the wool. In the afternoon we will be designing your personal yarn, using wool and additional fibers like silk, mohair, flash whatever interests each student. Finally we will spin samples of the final product yarn, using several spinning and plying techniques.This is an all day class.  

6 hours 
Materials cost: $25.00 
A more intensive look at spinning now that you can make your wheel spin yarn. How do we go from bulky yarn to lace yarn and back again, spinning boucle yarns, plying techniques including Navaho ply, plying with beads, working with multi color rovings to create truly unique yarns and thread plying techniques. We will cover several advanced spinning techniques including spinning on the fold, spinning uncarded wool, spinning woolen and worsted preparations and spinning from a cloud. A large variety of fibers will be available for experimentation including many exotics. 

6 hours 
Materials cost: $25.00 
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Welcome to the world of color and experimentation. We have those wonderful spaced dyed rovings we bought and brought home to spin because we just loved the colors. Then we find them more difficult to spin than the fluffy undyed wool used in your beginning spinning class. Or you really loved the roving but there was only a small amount available in the color you wanted and no more is available. This class will take you down the road to successful rainbow spinning, starting with the basics of opening and spinning this wonderful roving, even picking the colors as you go. We will play with plying including Navaho plying, for the best use of the color in your final garment or yarn. Finally we will run those rovings through the drum carder and see how carding and adding other fibers to your roving will change the final yarn and increase the amount of fiber you have to spin. We will use “rainbow” rovings in many different colors and fibers along with silk, mohair, alpaca and angora.  

3 hours 
Materials cost: $30.00 
Fancy Shining Threads
Exotics: Spinning & Exploration
In this class we will be designing unique yarns using many unusual threads, beads, sequins. Using our spinning wheels and plying techniques we will experiment making those wonderful and one of a kind yarns. Plenty of sparkling materials, feathers, needle felted beads, buttons & fiber will be provided for your exploration. Students are welcome to bring along any additional items to add to your yarns. A spinning wheel in good working order with 3 to 4 bobbins. One bobbin full of handspun singles ready for plying would be helpful and give you more play time with the beads and sequins. We will be spinning on a second bobbin in class. 

3 hours 
Materials cost: $25.00 
It is time to take a spin on the wild side. This class is designed for the spinner who is ready to try anything. Play with the many fibers that are available to spinners today, especially the more exotic fibers such as yak, cashmere, silk, angora, camel, and superfine merino. We will learn several different spinning techniques while we spin as many of these fibers as time will allow. This will be your chance to handle the very finest of fibers. 

3 hours 
Materials cost: $30.00 
My main goal in teaching spinning is to share my enthusiasm for beautiful spinning wheels, incredible fibers, and the sheer joy of creating amazing yarns.
Do you want to learn how to spin? Laurie brings her popular class for beginning spinners to the fiber show. The class will expose the new spinner to the spinning wheel, how it works and how to keep it spinning. We will explore and use a broad spectrum of spinning fibers starting with a variety of wools. We will learn how to pick out a hand spinning fleece as well as how to wash and prepare the wool for spinning. We will move forward as the class and your skills improve to spinning silks, mohair and blends of these fibers. The drum carder and hand cards will be available to try as time allows. 

6 hours 
Materials cost $25.00
Adventures in Carding
Carding fibers to create unusual and unique yarn designs can be done when you know how to use your drum carder as a design tool. This class will expand the use of your drum carder by using the best of fibers available in a variety of colors. Take home samples of both repeatable and unrepeatable multi color multi layered batts. We will 
experiment with two different layering techniques and a variety of fibers. Along with the drum carder, combs and hand card techniques will be discussed, demonstrated and experienced.

6 hour class 
Materials cost: $25.00
I Want My Sheep Purple: A Dye Workshop
This class is an exploration in fiber dyeing. We are going to use crockpots and the microwave oven to create beautiful dyed fibers using a variety of acid dyes available to us. We will experiment with both immersions dyeing techniques and handpainting a variety of locks and roving. Wools, mohair, alpaca and silk will be available to the student to try. This is a more artistic approach to dyeing as opposed to a controlled scientific method.  

6 hours
Materials cost: $10.00
Drop Spindles: Taking the First Steps in Learning to Spin
Bring your drop spindle and learn how to use it properly to make great yarns. We will spin, wind off and ply. Learn the use of the nostespinne in winding yarn and in plying applications with your spindle. We will use a variety if fibers carded for easy spinning. Finally I promise to temp you to try the spinning wheel.

3 hour class
Materials cost: $10.00
Wool Combing Fun
With the Wool combs, Russian combs, mini-combs we will explore the world of worsted spinning. Bring your combs and really learn how to safely use them. We will have plenty of tools and equipment for you to try if you don’t own a set of combs. Hackles and blending board will also be part of this class.  

3 hour class
Materials cost: $15.00
Let’s Learn to Bunny Hop: Spinning Fibers that Halo
Spend the day learning to spin some of spinning’s most beautiful fibers: angora, mohair, pygora cashmere, lama, and dog hair. Learn what to buy and how to care for and store these delicate fibers. Dust off your high-speed flyer, high-speed whorl, or fine lace-spinning flyer. Learn to spin these fibers using your specialty tools that were designed to make spinning fine fibers easier. We will learn how to spin in the cloud (a fine long draw technique) and how to spin on the fold. I will bring hand cards and a drum carder for us to experiment blending our fibers with fine wools. I will also bring the Crockpot and some dyes so we dye some of the fibers to see how they take up color and how they survive the dye process. At the end of the day, we will ply our spun fibers using sparking threads and beads to make our yarns truly stand out and decorate our projects.  

6 hours
Materials cost: $20.00
New! 20-Minute Skype Sessions with Laurie
Do you have a spinning question that needs a live response? 
I am now available on Skype!

Contact me for payment method then we can chat and look at the questions you have and find the solutions you need. Spinning is all about touch and feel. These special skills can be demonstrated and discussed through these 20 minute sessions. 

Each 20-minute session is $50.00.  

I look forward to talking to you.