Summer Spinning 2014 : As the Wheel Spins
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Summer Spinning 2014

by Laurie Weinsoft on 05/27/14

Summer Spinning 2014

It is the end of May, 2014.  Tomorrow we celebrate Bruce’s birthday.  It seems as if the last six months have gone by without even a thought as to the time passing so quickly.  A great deal has happened to me personally that has changed how I look at my life ahead.

In a very short time, I had a close friend find out he had cancer and much too quickly pass away.  Without me even taking a moment to morn this loss, my beloved cairn terrier, Amy, suddenly had full renal failure.  She too was gone before I had a chance to digest her illness.  Six months later, her kennel still sits in our bedroom with the door open as if she will be home soon.  Poor Wilson, my first cairn, misses his buddy too.  Finally a second friend died recently after very short illness that has left me analyzing every thing I do.  I have decided life is just too short to waste a single day doing anything I do not want to do or need to do.  

My first step was to end my working as a bookkeeper/manager.  I think I am just done arranging payments and tax returns.  I am ready for a different life that is all about my family and my art.  If that means I stay home more, cook more meals, see more of my family and create more art, then so be it.  

I have made a commitment to continue offering my classes at Northwest Wools.  With Linda Bering now retired a great deal has changed at my LYS.  I have accepted the challenge to build up the spinning classes.  This summer I am offering a Tuesday class form 1-3 pm.  This is a class we are calling Summer Spinning Fun.  The class will be open to spinners at all levels.  I will teach both drop spindle and beginning spinning to those interested in learning.  If you are already spinning but have questions, problems, or just want to learn more, then please sign up for this class.  The class will cost $75.00 for four weeks of class in advance or $25.00 per week.  Yes you do get one week free if you sign up and pay in advance.  I do have wheels to rent at $10.00 per week should you need a wheel.  I will provide all materials.  As so many students have learned the hard way, properly prepared wool is the key to perfecting the spinning skills you need.  I would love for you to join us this summer.

My regular beginning spinning class will be offered on Tuesday nights from 7-9 at Northwest Wools.  I will be there to bring you the best beginning spinning class in town as you learn to spin on a spinning wheel, learn how to purchase, prepare and enjoy the many fibers available to spinners today.  Included in this class are carding techniques and plying techniques.  At the end of four weeks you should have a very good but broad level of spinning knowledge.  

My spinning two class will continue to meet every second and third thursday each month at my house from 7-9 pm.  You must know how to spin to join this class.  I will offer advice and spinning knowledge as we go but this is a more informal class where you bring in your questions and interest and I do everything I can to give you the skills to create your own special yarn.  

I am thinking of offering a day time spinning two class at my house.  I understand there is possible interest in dyeing workshops, carding workshops, combing, exotics, raw wool preparation and felting.  Please let me know if this interests you.  I have the time now to offer these classes.  

Finally, I set up a Ravelry page for me and my students and those just interested in spinning to join and share what you are making, answer any questions you might have, and just chat with other spinners.  Please join Laurie Weinsoft Hanspinning and Felting on Ravelry.  If you have already joined this group, please stop by and comment and join in the sharing.  I really enjoy hearing from my students and friends.  

Additional notes:  PLY Magazine is re-printing the first issue.  You can order it online.  Check out PLY on Ravelry. 

I think I am going to try and attend the Nordic Heritage Knitting conference in my old home town of Seattle in October.  If you are there and you see me, please stop and say hello.  I love seeing old students and friends as well as making new friends along the way.

See you all at Black Sheep.  We are just a few short weeks away.  We have been working hard here dyeing and washing wool for my classes.  You lucky students are going to have so much fun and way too many wonderful choices to card.  

I hope you all can follow your personal dreams.  Have a great fibery summer.  Laurie

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