Summer 2013 : As the Wheel Spins
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Summer 2013

by Laurie Weinsoft on 07/27/13

3:00 AM on Saturday morning.  I woke up in the middle of the night and cannot sleep.  I have so far since crawling into bed decided to sell my hoodie scarf pattern on raverly.  That plan has kept me from great sleep as I have no idea how one sells a pattern on the raverly system. Or do I try selling on etsy. Or on both.  I have yarn to sell and my beautiful batts to sell.  I really have to reduce my stash.  I received three braids of fiber last night that are so beautiful. I was tempted to run them through my carder.  They are going to be amazing batts. But then the plan was to make these the prize in the great spinning challenge.  I can always buy more.  

I volunteered to teach a class for students at PNCA which is an art college here in Portland.  While I was terribly disappointed by having only two students show up out of the five that signed up, it was great fun exposing them to the world of spinning.  This was to be a lecture only but if you have ever taken a class from me you know i am very generous with my fibers and equipment.  With only two students, I was easily talked into letting them try the wheels.  They both got to spin just a little but they both caught on easily enough.  Hopefully they will come back and learn more someday soon.  I would do it again in spite of the small numbers.

OFFF is just a month away.  I had a heck of a time even finding the registration page because the website does not come up as Oregon flock and fiber but as flock and fiber.  You have to really want to find it to get there.  I am teaching all day Friday and all day Sunday.  The Friday class is a great class to advance your spinning and design skills. The Sunday class is all about spinning exotic fibers that halo. These are really wonderful classes.  Fun to teach as i love to see that moment on a students face when the fiber-spinning connection clicks and true creativity begins.  If you are just reading my blog for the first time or never took one of my classes before, OFFF is a nice place to take a class from me.  I live not far from Canby and can bring more fibers and equipment to try and learn from than when I go to Black Sheep Gathering.  I would love to meet you there. 

Back to my wheels. I have been repairing all my wheels as fall is always a busy beginning spinning lesson time.  Will you be inspired to learn this year?  See you in class or at OFFF. 

One last thing, check out the classes listed below.  Those are all happening in the next month or two.  

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