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Spring already!

by Laurie Weinsoft on 05/15/18

Hi spinners.  It just seems like yesterday I posted a blog about OFFF. So much has happened since that heady fall event. I have had a second ankle surgery. Not much fun. Survived 12 more weeks without walking.  I finally find myself ready to pull out my fibers and get back to my favorite wheels. I am so thankful for the two electric wheels I have used almost exclusively since July.  I have spun in the hospital, the rehab and at home. My spinning and knitting have filled my days at home as I grew stronger.  I have created some beautiful shawls and mittens along the way.  

I have started a huge spinning project after the fibers were rediscovered by my friends.  Elsa Endorf (my friend and assistant and former student for many years) and Marygrace (former student and friend) Volunteered to do a full fiber sort and clean up.  It was an enormous undertaking.  They worked very hard and managed to update and organize the woolroom and garage/tuff shed storage. In that process we discover more than 3#s of dyed fiber Tina Newton did for me before she became famous with her socks that rock. I have now spun up about six bobbins full of the most luscious fibers. I have a long way to go to spin up the balance of this project. The big decision to make is how I want to ply my yarn. I am leaning towards my favorite sequins on thread (string-me-along) but I may bead some as well. I am thinking I have to start plying soon if I want to have bobbins for Black Sheep. 

I am teaching at my house both beginning spinning and advanced classes.  I am doing some group lessons but mostly private classes.  Contact me if you want details. I am also helping broker used wheel sales.  I charge a fee for my services that I keep very reasonable. I mostly sell to my students looking for a good first wheel.  I keep the prices as low as possible for a first wheel.  As most of the wheels are coming from retired spinners and estates, the wheels are in good condition or I won’t take the consignment. 

I will get back to my day. Looking forward to seeing you at Black Sheep. I will be there spinning and visiting in Albany.  

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