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Spinning classes 2016

by Laurie Weinsoft on 01/25/16

I know it has been a great while since I posted to my site. I really have been so busy with a new grandchild, a new daughter-in-law, far too many fiber shows to visit and quite a few spinning classes. This is retirement for me.  I certainly have knitted my share of projects in 2015. Last year was the year of the mittens. This year will be the year of many sweaters. 

I have been asked if I am still teaching.  Yes. This is the love in my life that I cannot see me leaving. Until someone stops me I shall continue to teach the Pacific Northwest how to spin yarn. My classes are available just by your asking me to teach you.  I teach at Northwest Wools on Tuesday nights 7-9 pm.  The beginning class is four lessons (one a week for four weeks).  I provide all the fibers.  You can rent a wheel for $10 a week or bring your own wheel. I teach at my home Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights 7-9 pm.  I can also teach during many afternoons. I am fairly flexible.  I offer the classes at my home for the same cost as at the yarn shop.  Call me or email me and I will get you scheduled.  U-tube and on line classes cannot give most students the hands-on help that a live class can do for you. I keep hearing that over and over from my students. Please join the classes.  You will have lots of fun playing with my fibers. 

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