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Spinning and Quilting

by Laurie Weinsoft on 07/24/14

I was up at 4 am yesterday as we headed over the mountains to see the quilts in Sisters, Oregon. Of course they were beautiful and colorful. Kaffe would have loved them as I bet half of the quilts had Kaffe fabric as a major component. Unfortunately by 10:30 am the temp was heading towards 102 degrees.

I did walk pretty much the whole town with my walker pretty effortlessly thanks to my exercise bike I ride everyday. By noon the heat was unbearable. We hopped in the car and drove to Redmond where there was an indoor quilt show at the expo. It is always interesting to me the number of spinners vs quilters at these shows.

I saw several former spinning students, two with a booth selling gorgeous dyed wool for wool work quilting. Cathy and her daughter and actually her husband are all former students. Cathy is an incredible fabric dyer. If you run across her dyed wool you will see what I mean. She now offers shades of colors which could make a rainbow blush. I was very tempted but didn't get dyed wool yardage mainly because they are cut in small amounts for quilters and I need serious yardage for the sewing I do. Maybe I will do a special dye project with Cathy someday. She has extremely cool kits for quilts too. Cathy is at every quilt show she can attend all over the country.

Then I stopped by the booth that sells rug making supplies. I am also a rug puncher (not a hooker) and visited with Ulla. We are both involved with presenting at OFFF in September. She in the gallery, of course me teaching. We have lots of friends in common in the spinning world so it was fun to visit. I did buy a new bag kit from her. Hopefully I will have time to punch it out before OFFF. Yes I know, who am I kidding.

Heading home over beautiful Mt. Hood I arrived in time for dinner. I spent one hour at my wheel. How I don’t really know how as I was exhausted. The sun will rise here soon and I will take some progress pictures. I may just ply what I have today just to see if my ply plan will work. My ply plan is to ply in little buttons on to my yarn. I'll let you know how it comes out.

Well almost 4:00 am again. You might ask why am I up. Because I fell asleep for the night at 9:00 pm last night but I actually slept at my wheel for at least an hour before my hubby sent me off to bed. Now I have had lots of sleep for me. I may just go fix some coffee and spin watching the sun rise in Oregon. I can

always nap later today. With summer in full swing here the sun rise should be worth seeing. Enjoy your summer wherever you are. I'll see you in September at OFFF.

I have two shows coming up if you want to see my work.  I am having a trunk show at Northwest Wools on August 1st from 1-4:30 and then 6-8:30.  I will be there demonstrating spinning and the blending board. I will also have blending boards for sale should you want one.  I will custom blend fibers for you as well that day so come one in and see what I do when I am not teaching.  There will be some handspun yarns for sale as well.  

The second show opens August 7 at the church/art Gallery next to the Portland Art museum.  This is through the Columbia Fiber Arts Guild.  My two favorite works of art will be displayed for all to see.  My leaf coat and my new handspun sparkle jacket.  I would love to have you see them and let me know what you think  See you then.  

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