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Fall is in the Air

by Laurie Weinsoft on 08/23/17

I am excited to see OFFF is less than a month away.  After great consideration and hours of tears I have decided to make OFFF my last fiber show for the year. It is also my last time I am going to teach at any local fiber show.  As many of my former students and friends know, I have been fighting rather hard at times, dealing with Parkinson's and Arthritis.  The last couple of years I have seriously considered cancelling my appearance contracts. It is not always easy to put on a happy face when my body just wants to sit and nap.   Like many teachers, I think what I teach is so important to the student becoming a great spinner that I am having a hard time facing reality.  The week after Black Sheep, I fell and broke my ankle. For the last seven weeks I have had to deal with a surgery, a wheel chair and rehab.

  I will be ready for OFFF!

I am very excited to be teaching my spinning two class.  What a fun class filled with exotic fibers, spinning techniques, and answering all your questions.  This class has only two openings left.

The second class is my Color Box class.  This class is all about creating your own colorway.  It is on Sunday afternoon and I know you are tired at that point and want to go home but this class is worth the wait.  Last year the students had so much fun that the other teachers in the building stopped by just to ask us to quiet down.  How many times do you find spinning to be that much fun?

Hopefully I will see you in Canby in September. I will still be teaching at home. See soon. ??

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