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Laurie Weinsoft Handspinning
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Fall is in the Air

by Laurie Weinsoft on 08/23/17

I am excited to see OFFF is less than a month away.  After great consideration and hours of tears I have decided to make OFFF my last fiber show for the year. It is also my last time I am going to teach at any local fiber show.  As many of my former students and friends know, I have been fighting rather hard at times, dealing with Parkinson's and Arthritis.  The last couple of years I have seriously considered cancelling my appearance contracts. It is not always easy to put on a happy face when my body just wants to sit and nap.   Like many teachers, I think what I teach is so important to the student becoming a great spinner that I am having a hard time facing reality.  The week after Black Sheep, I fell and broke my ankle. For the last seven weeks I have had to deal with a surgery, a wheel chair and rehab.

  I will be ready for OFFF!

I am very excited to be teaching my spinning two class.  What a fun class filled with exotic fibers, spinning techniques, and answering all your questions.  This class has only two openings left.

The second class is my Color Box class.  This class is all about creating your own colorway.  It is on Sunday afternoon and I know you are tired at that point and want to go home but this class is worth the wait.  Last year the students had so much fun that the other teachers in the building stopped by just to ask us to quiet down.  How many times do you find spinning to be that much fun?

Hopefully I will see you in Canby in September. I will still be teaching at home. See soon. ??

Spring is near

by Laurie Weinsoft on 03/05/17

As I look outside, I am pleased to see spring just around the corner.  For me that means fiber shows and spinning classes.  I have a dye workshop scheduled for April 1st.  Beginning spinning classes start March 7th (Tuesday night) at Northwest Wools 7-9 pm.  Spinning two at my house Thursday night 7-9 for two weeks.  I am spinning at the spinning wheel showcase of antique wheels bringing my little parlor wheel. So pretty to see us all spinning on our treasures. There are many shows after the showcase from Harding Grange in the Oregon City area to the spring spin at Clackamas Community College.  I will be teaching at Black Sheep in June.  Probably OFFF in September.  Hopefully I will get to see and meet many of you there.  If you are interested in taking a class, please let me know.  Classes are always fun to take and easy to schedule.

Up and Coming Classes and Events

by Laurie Weinsoft on 05/08/16

Welcome to my website.  There is so many exciting events coming up and if you are in search of spinning classes, please check out this blog and contact me if  you have any questions or concerns.  I love to hear from students and friends who follow my adventures.  

Classes:  I am teaching a full day beginning spinning class at the Black Sheep Gathering June 23rd 2016 weekend.  The beginning spinning class is called Straw into Gold.  If you have tried Craftsy Classes and/or U-Tube and just can't figure out why your spinning isn't what you expected, then you are perfect for this class.  If you really want to learn to spin but have never tried to spin.  If you don't have a wheel and really want to learn, then this is a class for you.  Black Sheep Gathering and I have been working together to teach potential spinners how to spin for many years.   Just ask us and we will get you going.  I am only offering this one day class at Black Sheep this year, so sign up now.  Just go to the Black Sheep Website for all the details.  

I am also teaching a drum carding class on Sunday at Black Sheep.  This class is a very busy class full of fun fibers, exotic fibers, and flash galore.  This year I am working with Clemes and Clemes to provide several electric drum carders for students to try during class.  I have dyed some wonderful fibers for you to card.  Learn the art of color and yarn design. We will have everything from washed fleece to dyed rovings.  Learn how to make that drum carder of yours really work as a useful tool to enhance the type of yarns you want to make.  

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Black Sheep Gathering 2016.  Lets get together and spin.  

Spinning classes 2016

by Laurie Weinsoft on 01/25/16

I know it has been a great while since I posted to my site. I really have been so busy with a new grandchild, a new daughter-in-law, far too many fiber shows to visit and quite a few spinning classes. This is retirement for me.  I certainly have knitted my share of projects in 2015. Last year was the year of the mittens. This year will be the year of many sweaters. 

I have been asked if I am still teaching.  Yes. This is the love in my life that I cannot see me leaving. Until someone stops me I shall continue to teach the Pacific Northwest how to spin yarn. My classes are available just by your asking me to teach you.  I teach at Northwest Wools on Tuesday nights 7-9 pm.  The beginning class is four lessons (one a week for four weeks).  I provide all the fibers.  You can rent a wheel for $10 a week or bring your own wheel. I teach at my home Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights 7-9 pm.  I can also teach during many afternoons. I am fairly flexible.  I offer the classes at my home for the same cost as at the yarn shop.  Call me or email me and I will get you scheduled.  U-tube and on line classes cannot give most students the hands-on help that a live class can do for you. I keep hearing that over and over from my students. Please join the classes.  You will have lots of fun playing with my fibers. 

October vacations/fiber shows 2014

by Laurie Weinsoft on 10/14/14

As I sit here, cannot believe that OFFF is actually over let alone that my vacation time is quickly coming to an end.  By the phone calls I am receiving maybe taking all of October off might have been a bit much but when you read all I have done this month hopefully my students will understand and forgive my time off.  

The last weekend in September I taught three classes at OFFF.  MY CLASSES WERE ALL FULL.  I even had a waiting list.  Ok ego rein yourself in.  It was so much fun to teach such eager and excited students.  We even helped sell three wheels that weekend to new spinners.  What a great chance for new students to get the benefit of buying a used wheel from former students who are moving up to more professional wheels.  Once again this labor of love for spinning really does seem to spread.  You would think I planned it! 

My carding class the first day was just an explosion of activity. The students walked out of class exhausted with stacks of batts to do some serious spinning practice.  I always learn a great deal from these classes as well.  I am thinking of buying a new drum carder with a longer tined cloth.  We will begin saving and evaluating what is available.  I will keep you posted on my findings out there.  This will be hard as I do so love my Duncan's but there are some others out there that might be fun to get to know as well.  For those that think spinning cannot change after being around for so long has not really paid attention.  So many new innovations every day.  

I have already touched on my beginning spinners but they were all spinning by eleven am.  With 17 in the class, I was very impressed at how well they did listen and learn. Once again we learned that Utube while helpful does not replace actual hands on learning.  The class was so excited at the end of class as the packed up their skeins to show to friends.

Finally we concluded the weekend with spinning two.  I had several former students in this class.  As always I am pleased to see those students again and rejoice in their great progress. We had about two days worth of material to learn in six hours.  As you can imagine I really wanted to give them all I could in one day.  The class ended with an overwhelming request to do a Spinning 2.5 so we could continue this class at black sheep and at OFFF.  PREREQUISITE: you must have already taken spinning two from me.  Would people really sign up for this class? I certainly would gladly teach it.  

I will share more a little later.  So much to say and so little space to say it.  Laurie

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